What makes Highlands different?

Curriculum & Diplomas

Highlands International School offers an American diploma and follows an American-style curriculum.

The curriculum of HIS is based on the Common Core State Standards, AERO Social Studies Framework Standards, and Next Generation Science Standards, which can be accessed here:

HIS is also licensed by the Bolivian Ministry of Education to issue graduates a bachillerato upon completion of their program.


University Acceptance

Through the curriculum at Highlands International School,

students are prepared for university settings all around the world. However, most of our graduates go on to study in the United States.

Our graduates have gone on to study in the United States, Europe, Canada, Japan, the Middle East, Brazil, and Bolivia.

21st Century Skills

In preparing students to succeed in their future studies and careers, HIS emphasizes the following skills:


In teaching these skills, HIS has begun to implement a blended learning environment in middle and high school, as well as an emphasis on cross-disciplinary collaborative projects.


Unleash your true potential.

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