The History
of Highlands

Highlands International School (HIS) was founded on February 2, 2003. Since May 19, 2003, HIS has been a member of the Network of International Christian Schools (NICS)

with many schools located around the world. HIS is an international Christian school that provides an environment of academic excellence and respect for people of all cultures and religions. The name “Highlands” was selected because it refers to both the physical location and the heavenly purpose of the school. At an approximate altitude of 3500 meters a.s.l. (11,500 ft.), HIS trains servant-leaders who impact the world for Christ.

December 18, 2002

Highlands is the story of God working in La Paz, Bolivia, through a group of families with a common vision and purpose. The story began in Roxana Cardona’s home on December 18, 2002, during a meeting that was called and organized by Ines Benavides. Within a few weeks, the first steps toward establishing the school were completed. Every step showed the strong and powerful hand of the Lord. The students, curriculum, and facilities all became part of this new project in record time. The school, as a pilot project, opened its doors on February 3, 2003.

As part of this story we wish to recognize the pioneering efforts of the following 19 families, 11 staff members, and 31 students:


Benavides, Cardona, Comboni, Cone, De la Vega, Gonzales, Gonzales-Carrasco, Hurst, Little, Mendizabal, Molina, Ochiai, Pereyra, Ramirez, Reguerin-Moscoso, Saldi, Velasco-Benavides, Vidal, Wende


Ines Benavides, Marcela Comboni, Jennifer Cone, Christy Molina, Pablo Molina, Bethany Nelson, Magaly Sanchez, Davida Valda, Maria Elena Zalles

Principal and Principal’s Assistant

Ronald and Maria Esther Wende


Alyssa, Andre, Andres, Andres Reg., Austin, Bethany, Camila, Carlos, Cecilia, Christian, Daniel D., Daniel S., Diego, Esteban, German, Hannah Joy, Hannah Franchesca, Hannah Rachel, Ian, Ignacio, Josiah, Juan Carlos, Juan Felipe, Matias, Mia, Micaela, Mikael, Patricia, Rafael, Stefano, Ximena

The 11 families

who endorsed the NICS initiative by signing the April 29, 2003 minutes: Mendizabal, Wende, Gonzales, Hurst, Benavides, Saldi, Moscoso, Comboni, Cardona, Pereyra, Molina Johnson. On May 19, 2003, Highlands International School became a member of the Network of International Christian Schools (NICS).Highlands began its first official year as a NICS school on September 1, 2003, operating temporarily as an educational project of the Rocksalt Foundation. The school began with 25 students.The rest continues to be HIS story.