A letter to parents


Dear Sir/Madam:

We appreciate your interest in Highlands International School and this opportunity we have to share with you why this school is special.

As you are no doubt interested in our academic profile, I’ll explain some characteristics of the teaching and learning that happens in our classrooms, but I believe that the value of attending Highlands goes beyond our academics and I would like to also relate to you how this is so. Academically, our focus has been to compensate for limited resources with creative, competent, and committed teaching of a well-rounded curriculum that will prepare students not just for college but for a life of learning. All of our classes are taught by qualified, knowledgeable, certified teachers. Our curriculum emphasizes not just the acquisition of knowledge, but the ability to communicate, research, and think critically. The quality of our students’ learning is reflected by their admission into highly competitive US colleges and universities and by their above-average performance in exit-level standardized tests (average scores in the 67th percentile). An up-to-date list of universities where our students have been accepted is available on our website.

Beyond our academics, the school atmosphere at Highlands is one of its strongest qualities.

This atmosphere is an outgrowth of our Christian faith and belief that each student is a valuable human being who is loved by God and whom we are also called to love. This belief has allowed us to cultivate an inclusive, respectful, and safe school environment. Additionally, as many of our teachers have left their homes in the United States or elsewhere, they understand and can sympathize with the pressures and stress some of our students face in living away from their home country. We invite you to visit and see what we do at the school. Our Academic Year goes from the first week of August to the first week of June. Our enrollment for international families functions year round. Initially we will require copies of the Official Transcripts and/or Report Cards as part of our Registration Process. We would also like families to schedule an interview with the Admissions Director to have an opportunity to share expectations and valuable information about our school. Our School Calendar is available on the website, along with the application forms necessary to start the registration of new students.